“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

Welcome to Academy of Modern Martial Arts!

Give Yourself Every Advantage
The Advantages of Training Can Last a Lifetime

Make a Real Difference
Discover training that makes a real difference in your life.  Go beyond simply punching and kicking to learn how to confront difficulties with skill and self possession.

We are your personal training center.  Come in and see
just how valuable modern martial arts training can be.

Tailored Instruction - With specific classes for Children, Teens, Adults, & Families, we make sure that individuals learn with their peer group for effective and targeted learning.

Personal Attention - We limit enrollment in each class and our small class sizes ensure that every student receives the personal attention necessary to succeed.

No Contracts - We do not require contracts or long term agreements. Our students commit to train with us because our training makes a difference in their life and gets them results.  To see more of our student oriented advantages, check our practices & policies

Individualized Progression- Each student will progress according to their own ability, not a pre-determined schedule.  This way each student will advance when they truly have a grasp of the material and can succeed.

No Hidden Test Fees- You pay for your tuition.  At our Academy, Testing and Rank Promotion is a part of your tuition, not an additional charge. 

Freedom of Choice - With a variety of training programs, we offer several exciting ways to become more fit and confident.  Contact the Academy to determine what training programs are right for your goals.

Private Instruction - Any of the courses of instruction offered here can be tailored specifically to you in private lessons.

Caring & Competent Instructors - Whether you are looking for a greater level of personal fitness or increased confidence and security for yourself or your children, you will find it in the professional, safe, and caring environment provided by our instructors.

History of Integrity / Record of Results - We have been positively impacting our community by empowering individuals to become stronger, healthier, and more secure through martial arts and fitness classes for over a decade.  Come see why so many people from all walks of life really enjoy our martial arts training programs and continually choose to train with us.

The Right School - Finding the right school for yourself or for your child is incredibly important.  Do not "settle" for a school when you have the power to select the best school for you and your needs.  This comprehensive guide will arm you with insights and questions that will help you make an informed decision regarding martial arts education.  Armed with enough information you can be confident about your decisions.

Our website is designed to inform you about the variety of training and class options available at the Academy of Modern Martial Arts as well as to provide on online resource and communication tool for our student body. We also feature a secure online store for purchasing all of your martial arts and fitness needs.

For more specific information about our Academy, please sign up to visit us in person and enjoy a week of complimentary classes, or simply contact us via phone or email.


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